A Dynamic DNS service, or DDNS, allows you to connect to the Internet with a dynamic (changing) IP address. This helps you avoid connection interruptions and allows you to use applications that usually require a static IP address.

Dynamic DNS offers an easy way to host servers (web servers, email servers, ftp servers) that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to accomplish without a static IP address.

DNS Made Easy Enterprise DNS services provide support for dynamic IP addresses and the capability to issue instantly propagated IP updates as soon as a change is made.

Locate Your Record ID

Every record in DNS Made Easy is assigned a unique ID which is required as part of the call to pass in a dynamic update.

To locate your record ID:

Log In

Click the DNS – Managed DNS menu.

Select a domain and click on the Records tab

Double click a record

If the DDNS check box is not enabled, enable it. The Record ID is the Dynamic DNS ID on this page that appears below the check box.

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