We, at DNS Made Easy, are not a Domain Registrar, however our sister company, Domains Made Easy, is. They will be used as our example.

Firstly, you want to go to your registrar’s website. On that site, you are going to want to go to your account.

Go to your account at your registrar.

Once you are signed in, you are going to want to select the “My products” option to show your domains. You will then select the “DNS” option within the domain that you would like to edit.

Go to the "My Products" menu and select "DNS" within the domain you want to edit.

On the DNS Page you will see a Nameservers section. You will want to click the dropdown and select the Custom option.

Select Custom Nameservers

Once custom is selected, you will then be able to enter the name servers that we assigned you (these can be found within the Name Servers tab within the domain). Below is an example of one of our name server sets entered.

Enter Custom Nameservers

Once these are saved, your registrar should push the update to the registry and the Top Level Domain name servers so that you will now be resolving to our name servers.

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