Modify Multiple Domains

If you are trying to modify a record for multiple domains at the same time, you can use our Bulk feature in order to accomplish this. Step 1: Select Managed DNS Step 2: Click on Bulk Select Step 3: Click on Search … Continued

How to Register a Domain

We, at DNS Made Easy, are not a Domain Registrar, however our sister company, Domains Made Easy, is. They will be used as our example. Firstly, you want to go to your registrar’s website. On that site, you are going … Continued

Activity Log

If you are a primary user and you would like to see modifications that have been applied to your account by you or any sub-users, such as changes in records, domains, contact information, you can access the View Activity Log … Continued

How to create an Access Control List

Creating and Access Control List will allow you to enhance the security of your DNS Made Easy account. In this case, only users that come from the IP “” will be able to access the account and consequentially, make changes … Continued

Delete Multiple Domains

If you would like to remove multiple domains at once, follow the below steps. Step 1: Select Managed DNS Step 2: Click Bulk Select Step 3: Select Search Step 4: Select domains Step 5: Delete multiple domains selected Step 6: … Continued

Assign a Template to multiple domains

Step 1: Click on Managed DNS To assign a template to multiple domains name already defined in the system, select the DNS Menu Step 2: Select Bulk Select Click on the “Bulk Select” tab. Step 3: Select Search Click “Search” … Continued

Real-Time Stats

What is RTS? Real-Time Stats (RTS) allow you to analyze your domain’s incoming query traffic in real time. Aggregate and/or filter query data by: Domain Resource Record Location Time Frame Here are some of the ways you can use RTS, which … Continued