A zone file is a DNS zone format described by RFC 1035. It is a widely used format with most modern name server software. The most important portion of the syntax of this format is to ensure your file defines an $ORIGIN and $TTL at the top.

This tutorial will use the following example file. Please note, this file is just an example that contains example data. Your file may look slightly different depending on your current vendor and the name server software they use.



Step 1: Enter Managed DNS 

At the top of the Control Panel, Click the DNS Menu and select Managed DNS from the drop down.

Managed DNS Menu

Step 2: Choose your domain

Select a domain from the either the Recently Updated Domains box, or start typing the domain name in the textbox on the “Select Domain” tab.

select a domain

Step 3: Import your records

Select the “Import Records” tab and then select to import records from a “Zone File”

Paste your zone file data into the text box. Please ensure you have an $ORIGIN and $TTL statement at the head of the file as shown above. Click “Save”

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