Wildcard Record

Wildcard Records give you the ability to map all (or a section) of the records in your domain to one IP. Wildcard records can be A, CNAME, or HTTP Redirection Records. Any record not previously defined in your domain name … Continued

What is a TTL?

A TTL, or Time to Live, is a setting in every DNS record that dictates how long the record will be cached by resolving nameservers, browsers, etc.  Resolving name servers are the middlemen of the DNS exchange. When you enter a … Continued

Round Robin

Load balancing / Round Robin configuration allows you to distribute your server load evenly among multiple servers. You would create multiple A records with the same name but with different associated IP’s. For example, assume two different A records, example.com … Continued

Import Records from a Name Server using AXFR

AXFR transfer is a method of a direct name server to name server transfer of a zone file. This is the most efficient method for importing domains into the DNS Made Easy system. You can import your zone information using … Continued

Import Records from a Zone Definition

A zone definition is a DNS Made Easy proprietary DNS zone format. You would import using this format only if you are moving zones between DNS Made Easy accounts. You could then import the data back into the system in … Continued

Bulk Change TTL

) Step 1: Select Managed DNS Step 2: Click on Bulk Select We will replace the TTL of all A records in the managed DNS domain exampledomain.com no matter what the current value is to a TTL of 7200 seconds. … Continued

Bulk Replace IP Addresses

Step 1: Select Managed DNS Step 2 : Click on Bulk Select Step 3: Click on Search If you would like to select all domains, click the “Search” button, otherwise select your criteria and click the “Search” button. Step 4: … Continued

Import Records from a Zone File

A zone file is a DNS zone format described by RFC 1035. It is a widely used format with most modern name server software. The most important portion of the syntax of this format is to ensure your file defines … Continued