Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Records are used for email validation to mitigate spam. SPF records allow domain administrators to define all hosts allowed to send mail for a domain by creating a specific TXT record that is then used by mail exchangers to validate a senders identity. The data of an SPF record must be enclosed in quotations.

The original specifications for SPF required storage of SPF information for domains within TXT type records. Later specifications created the SPF type record. Currently, there are no SPF implementation that will not use TXT type records if they are present, so SPF type records are not required.

There are, however, many SPF implementations that will not use SPF type records, so TXT records remain required. It is a good idea to have identical SPF information within a domain under both a TXT type record and an SPF type record.

SPF records can be generated using this free tool.

Step 1: Enter Managed DNS 

At the top of the Control Panel, Click the DNS Menu and select Managed DNS from the drop down.

Managed DNS Menu

Step 2: Select Domain

 Select a domain from the either the “Recently Updated Domains” box, or start typing the domain name in the textbox on the “Select Domain” tab.

select a domain

Step 3: Add an SPF record

Under SPF Records click the plus sign to add a new record. This would be within the TXT Records option if the systems have been updated in the last 15 years (most likely).

Step 4: Enter your desired record values. 

We will add a default SPF record into the domain. The name field of your SPF record should be left blank unless you send email from a subdomain such as The data of an SPF record must be enclosed in quotations. Then, click submit.

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