The Global Traffic Director gives clients the ability to geographically respond to queries differently based on region.

It’s like have a differently zone file for each region.

GTD is useful if you have multiple different servers located around the world and you want to direct your traffic to the closest server. For example, you can have your ‘www’ record for your domain point to a web server at in Europe and a different web server at in the United States. European querying clients are sent to while US querying clients are sent to This is what we will configure below for

Step 1: Select Managed DNS

  • To start, you must enabled GTD for the domain, Select the DNS Menu and Managed DNS.

Step 2: Select a domain

  • Select a domain from the either the Recently Updated Domains box, or start typing the domain name in the text box on the Select Domain tab.

Step 3: Settings

  • Click the Settings tab

Step 4: Enabling GTD

  • Click the Global Traffic Director check box, Click Save.

Step 5: Select Records tab

  • Now you can begin to define region specific records within your domain, select the Records tab.

Step 6: Add A Record

  • Click the plus sign (+) under a record type to add a new GTD region specific record. We will add an A record for that points to a web server at in Europe. Click Submit.

Step 7: Default record

  • Now we will define a DEFAULT record for Add a new record for that points to a web server at
  • Click Submit. Now any European traffic will be sent to while traffic from any other region will be sent to

IMPORTANT: If you do not define a record for each of the 5 regions, you MUST define a DEFAULT record. Otherwise, traffic for any undefined region will not be answered.

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