Learn how to add, modify, and delete contacts with the new contact lists features in DNS Made Easy’s Control Panel 3.0.

Step 1: Navigate to Contact Lists

Step 2: Add a Contact

Click on the Plus sign under the Contact List Table

Step 3: Specify Contact List

Choose a name to specify the new Contact List (A). If you would like, you can select groups that have been created to be part of the new Contact List (B).

If you do not have a group or if the Contact list you are trying to add is not part of any of the members of the groups you have created, you still can add the recipients by adding them in the ‘Emails’ box.

Step 4: Assigning Contact Lists to receive specific Notifications

Navigate to Notifications under the Config menu.

Step 5: Define Notifications

Finally, you can select what type of notifications different groups will be receiving. In this example, the On Call List wich includes the Finance Team and the additional recipients we have added, will be notified for Account Expiration Warnings, Automatic Renewal Failure, Automatic Renewal Notice, DNS Query usage Invoices and Purchase Summaries and Recipients.

Click on Save to apply your configuration.

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