Users / Groups / Permissions / Folders

In DNS Made Easy each admin user has the ability to define additional user accounts which can be segmented into groups that differ based on permissions. Domains can then be placed into different folders which are delegated to specific users … Continued

Modify Your Subscription

Need to alter your subscription to DNS Made Easy? No problem! We understand that the needs of organizations change over time, so we’ve made it easy to turn in services for a prorated credit, and to add services as you … Continued

Enable Two Factor Authentication

To help you increase the security of your account, we’ve added support for Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor authentication allows a DNS Made Easy user to implement a second method of verification for account access in addition to the traditional user name … Continued

Manage Contact Lists

) Learn how to add, modify, and delete contacts with the new contact lists features in DNS Made Easy’s Control Panel 3.0. Step 1: Navigate to Contact Lists Step 2: Add a Contact Click on the Plus sign under the … Continued

View Assigned Name Servers

Step 1: Select Managed DNS Step 2: Select a domain Select a domain from the either the “Recently Updated Domains” box, or start typing the domain name in the textbox on the “Select Domain” tab. Step 3: Click the “Name … Continued

Set up Contact Lists and Notifications

The definition of different Contact Lists in DNS Made Easy allows account administrators to set up different mailing lists which can in turn receive different types of email notifications from the DNS Made Easy system. Once a contact list is … Continued