Transfer Domains to Another Account

The account transfer option allows you to migrate domains from one DNS Made Easy to another DNS Made Easy account without encountering downtime. No account specific configurations such as Vanity DNS, Templates, or Custom SOA records will transfer however all … Continued

NS Record (Nameserver)

NS Records are nameserver records. You can add additional NS records to a domain if you plan on using additional name servers that do not belong to DNS Made Easy. In order to do this, you must configure an ACL … Continued

Configure GTD For A Domain

The Global Traffic Director gives clients the ability to geographically respond to queries differently based on region. It is useful is you have multiple different servers located around the world and you want to direct your traffic to the closest … Continued

ANAME Records

ANAME records are alias records that allow you to map the apex (root record) or any other record within your domain to a target host name. Creating an ANAME record is as simple as creating a CNAME record and only … Continued

Bulk Domain Export

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to receive an export of your records in DNS Made Easy. An exported copy of your domains can be very useful in keeping a record of your DNS configurations.

Edit Backup Mail

USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE STEP 1: Select the Mail drop down menu and click on Backup   USER ACTION STEP 2: Select a configuration by highlighting the row.   USER ACTION STEP 3: Delete the configuration   USER … Continued