Wildcard Record

Wildcard Records give you the ability to map all (or a section) of the records in your domain to one IP. Wildcard records can be A, CNAME, or HTTP Redirection Records. Any record not previously defined in your domain name … Continued

CNAME Record

These are usually referred to as alias records since they usually map an alias to its canonical name. The name server does handle these queries differently from an A record. When a name server looks up a name and finds … Continued

DNS Failover for a Web Server

  The DNS Failover service from DNS Made Easy is used to keep sites and web services online in the event of system or network issues. This is done by moving DNS traffic to another IP address that you have … Continued

Round Robin

Load balancing / Round Robin configuration allows you to distribute your server load evenly among multiple servers. You would create multiple A records with the same name but with different associated IP’s. For example, assume two different A records, example.com … Continued

MX Record

MX Record (Mail Exchange Record)These records is used by mail servers to determine where to deliver email. MX records should only map to A records (not CNAME records). If an MX record is missing for the domain the mail for … Continued

How to Create and Delegate a Subdomain

A subdomain is technically defined as when you assign a different section of name servers for part of a domain. For instance “dnsmadeeeasy.com.” is a subdomain for “com.”. Creating “sub.dnsmadeeasy.com.” on a different group of name servers than “dnsmadeeasy.com.” would … Continued