How to Setup Reverse DNS

Reverse DNS (rDNS) is the method of resolving an IP address into a domain name, just as the domain name system (DNS) resolves domain names into associated IP addresses. Setting up reverse DNS for your domain can help ensure email … Continued

Office 365 Setup

The steps to configure DNS Made Easy with Office 365 are as follows: Access the DNS Records for your domain Add a record to verify your domain Add DNS records for Exchange Online Add DNS records for Lync Online Add … Continued

MX Record

MX Record (Mail Exchange Record)These records is used by mail servers to determine where to deliver email. MX records should only map to A records (not CNAME records). If an MX record is missing for the domain the mail for … Continued

Edit Backup Mail

USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE STEP 1: Select the Mail drop down menu and click on Backup   USER ACTION STEP 2: Select a configuration by highlighting the row.   USER ACTION STEP 3: Delete the configuration   USER … Continued