Configure DNS Failover with a Template

Using DNS Failover with a template allows you to use a single failover record for multiple domains that share the same configuration. This is accomplished by setting up a template with a record set for the domains and setting up … Continued

How to Create and Delegate a Subdomain

A subdomain is technically defined as when you assign a different section of name servers for part of a domain. For instance “” is a subdomain for “com.”. Creating “” on a different group of name servers than “” would … Continued

Transfer Domains to Another Account

The account transfer option allows you to migrate domains from one DNS Made Easy to another DNS Made Easy account without encountering downtime. No account specific configurations such as Vanity DNS, Templates, or Custom SOA records will transfer however all … Continued

NS Record (Nameserver)

NS Records are nameserver records. You can add additional NS records to a domain if you plan on using additional name servers that do not belong to DNS Made Easy. In order to do this, you must configure an ACL … Continued

Import Records from a Name Server using AXFR

AXFR transfer is a method of a direct name server to name server transfer of a zone file. This is the most efficient method for importing domains into the DNS Made Easy system. You can import your zone information using … Continued

ANAME Records

ANAME records are alias records that allow you to map the apex (root record) or any other record within your domain to a target host name. Creating an ANAME record is as simple as creating a CNAME record and only … Continued

Bulk Domain Export

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to receive an export of your records in DNS Made Easy. An exported copy of your domains can be very useful in keeping a record of your DNS configurations.

Import Records from a Zone Definition

A zone definition is a DNS Made Easy proprietary DNS zone format. You would import using this format if for example you copied existing data from this text box into a text editor and made changes. You could then import … Continued

SOA (Start of Authority) Record

SOA (Start of Authority) records are used to determine how your zone propagates to the secondary nameservers. DNS Made Easy creates a default SOA record for each domain added into our system. However, you can create and customize your own … Continued

Import Records from a Zone File

A zone file is a DNS zone format described by RFC 1035. It is a widely used format with most modern name server software. The most important portion of the syntax of this format is to ensure your file defines … Continued